Principal Investigator

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Visiting Researchers

Honorary Junior Member

  • 2014,  2018


  • Kevin (Yifan) Zhu (MS, May 2018), Tech Research Engineer, Huawei, Shanghai, China.
  • Christopher Hall (MS, December 2017), Rincon Research, Tucson, AZ.
  • Xinyu Gao (PhD visiting scholar, 2017), PhD student at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
  • Xuodian Hu (undergraduate researcher, 2016-2017)
  • Omar Alqahtani (undergraduate research scholar, 2016-17)
  • Viet Vo (undergraduate research scholar, 2016-17)
  • Anuj Gadiyar (graduate project assistant, 2016-17), FPGA Development.
  • John Brady (MS 2013, PhD 2017), New Transceiver Architectures and Prototypes for Millimeter-Wave MIMO Wireless Communication Systems.
  • Xianglu (Luke) Li, Visiting Scholar, September 2015-Jan 2017.
  • John Hogan (MS, May 2016). Beamspace MIMO Channel Estimation. Machine Learning Architecture Modeling Engineer, Intel, San Francisco, Bay Area.
  • Usman Tayyab (visitor, Feb-July 2016). Channel measurements.
  • Sabareesh Ganapthy (MS student, project assistant, Spring 2016). FPGA development.
  • Peng Cheng (UG student, Spring 2016). Channel measurements and processing.
  • Yifan Zhu (UG visiting student, Fall 2015).
  • Sida Li (UG student, Summer 2015). FPGA development.
  • Wasim Sheikh (MS student, project assistant, Jan 2015-Aug 2015). FPGA development.
  • Justin Cummings (MS student, project assistant, Fall 2014-Summer 2015). Lens array design. Systems Engineer II, Ball Aerospace, Tucson, AZ.
  • Kishore Kumar  (MS student, Fall 2014 independent study).
  • David Virgilio (UG researcher, Summer 2013-Nov 2014). FPGA development.
  • Paul Thomas (project assistant, MS, June 2014). CAP-MIMO prototype RF hardware design.
  • Hua Deng (MS, 2015). User localization using channel signatures. PhD student at Rutgers University.
  • Jon Lima (2014).
  • Gi Hong Song (MS, August 2012).  Beamspace MIMO Transceiver Design. Senior System Engineer, Qualcomm, San Diego.
  • Matt Malloy, (graduate research assistant, 2009-10). Noncoherent Detection in Sparse Multipath. Adjunct Assistant Professor, UW-Madison.
  • Yanpei Liu (MS, 2011). Secret Keys from OFDM Channel Signatures.
  • Tzu-Han Chou (PhD, August 2011),  Thesis: Secret Key Generation From Excited Source and Its Application to Reciprocal Wireless Channel. Senior Staff Engineer, MediaTek, San Diego.
  • Eunmo Kang (PhD, May 2010). Thesis: Narrowband-MIMO and MIMO-OFDM Systems: Exploiting Channel Statistics for Efficient Use of Feedback. Qualcomm.
  • Waheed Bajwa, (PhD, August 2009). Thesis: New Information Processing Theory and Methods for Exploiting Sparsity in Wireless Systems. Associate Professor, Rutgers University.
  • Thiagarajan Sivanadyan, (MS, 2008).  Active Wireless Sensing. Staff Engineer, Qualcomm, Boulder, CO.
  • Dr. Michail Matthaiou, postdoctoral visitor, July-August 2009. MIMO Wireless Systems.  Senior Lecturer at Queen’s University, Belfast.
  • Steven Quick (MS, Aug 2008). Technology Consulting Senior Manager, Accenture, Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, MN
  • Gautham Hariharan, (PhD, December 2007). Thesis: Wireless Communication Over Sparse Multipath Channels. Principal Engineering Manager, Qualcomm, San Francisco, Bay Area.
  • Prof. Chang-Heon Oh, Visiting Scholar, 2006-2007, Korea University of Technology and Education, .
  • Vasanthan Raghavan (PhD, August 2006). Thesis: Spatially Correlated Multi-antenna Wireless Channels: Capacity and Limited Feedback Performance. Staff Engineer, Qualcomm, Bridgewater, NJ.
  • Yan Zhou (PhD, August 2006). Thesis: Optimized Transceiver Design for Multiantenna Wireless Communications. Staff Engineer, Qualcomm, San Diego.
  • Ke Liu (PhD, August 2004). Thesis: Capacity and Coding for Realistic MIMO Channels. (Peterson Award Winner). Patent Counsel, Associate, Qualcomm, San Diego.
  • Jayesh Kotecha, (postdoc 2002-2004). MIMO Channel Estimation; Classification in Sensor Networks. Senior Member of Technical Staff, Freescale Semiconductors, Austin, TX.
  • Ashwin D’Costa (MS, May 2004). Distributed Decision Making in Wireless Sensor Networks. Staff Product Manager, Qualcomm, San Diego.
  • Vinod Ramachandran (MS, May 2004). Distributed Detection in Sensor Networks.  Group Product Manager, Google, San Francisco, Bay Area.
  • Zhihong Hong, postdoc (2002-2003). Space-Time Coding. Research Scientist, Communications Research Center, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Charlie (Jianzhong) Zhang (PhD, May 2003). Thesis: Space-Time Selective Broadcast and Receiver Algorithms for Frequency Selective MIMO Systems. VP at Samsung Research America, Dallas, TX.
  • Karina Carvalho-Bond (MS, May 2002). Time-varying Channel Estimation. Embedded Software Manager, Fixed Robots, Livermore, CA.
  • Thomas Deckert (MS, August 2002). MIMO Channel Modeling. Senior Systems Engineer, National Instruments, Dresden, Germany.
  • Kerry Wong (MS, June 2001). Collaborative Signal Processing in Sensor Networks. Senior Manager, Technical Architect, Duck Creek Technologies, Unionville, CT
  • Kraiyut Tantinarawat (MS, June 2001). Networking protocols for MIMO.
  • Tamer Kadous (PhD, May 2001). Thesis: Multiuser Communication Over Time and Frequency Selective Channels. Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, X-COM Labs, San Diego.
  • Ashwin Ganesan (MS, September 2000). Wireless Transceiver Design.
  • Eko Onggosanusi, (PhD, December 2000). Thesis: Space-Time Signaling Schemes and Receiver Algorithms for Wideband Communication Systems. Director of Standards, Samsung Research America, Dallas, TX.
  • Marc-Antoine Baissas (MS, December 1999). Time-varying Channel Estimation. Independent consultant at MB Strategy and Financial Management, Montpellier, France.
  • Jean-Paul Gallaire (MS, August 1998). Time-Frequency Detectors. Marketing Director Customer Relationship and Services, Orange, Paris, France.
  • S. Bhashyam (MS, August 1997, Rice U.). Time-Selective Signaling. Professor, IIT Madras, India.


Akbar Sayeed

Position title: Professor and Principal Investigator


Omar Alqahtani

Position title: Undergraduate Research Scholar (2016-17)

John Brady

Credentials: MS 2013, PhD 2017

Position title: Graduate Research Assistant (2010-16)

Peng Cheng

Credentials: Undergraduate Student

Position title: Undergraduate Assistant (Spring 2016)

Anuj Gadiyar

Position title: Graduate Project Assistant (2016-17)

Sabareesh Ganapathy

Credentials: MS student

Position title: Graduate Project Assistant (Spring 2016)

Xinyu Gao

Credentials: PhD student at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Position title: Visiting Scholar (2017)

Christopher Hall

Credentials: MS, December 2018

Position title: Engineer, Rincon Research

John Hogan

Credentials: MS, May 2016

Position title: Machine Learning Architecture Modeling Engineer, Intel, San Francisco, Bay Area.

Zuidian (Dian) Hu

Credentials: BS, December 2017

Position title: Undergraduate Researcher (2016-17)

Sida Li

Credentials: Undergraduate Student

Position title: Undergraduate Assistant (Summer 2015)

Xianglu (Luke) Li

Position title: Visiting Scholar (Sep 2015-Jan 2017)

Wasim Sheikh

Credentials: MS Student

Position title: Graduate Project Assistant (2016-2017)

Usman Tayyab

Credentials: Visiting student, Feb 2016 - July 2016

Viet Vo

Position title: Undergraduate Research Scholar (2016-17)

Kevin (Yifan) Zhu

Credentials: MS, May 2018

Position title: Tech Research Engineer, Huawei, Shanghai, China.

Yifan (Kevin) Zhu

Position title: Visiting undergraduate student (Fall 2015)