Principal Investigator

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Visiting Researchers

Honorary Junior Member

  • 2014,  2018


  • Kevin (Yifan) Zhu (MS, May 2018), Tech Research Engineer, Huawei, Shanghai, China.
  • Christopher Hall (MS, December 2017), Rincon Research, Tucson, AZ.
  • Xinyu Gao (PhD visiting scholar, 2017), PhD student at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
  • Xuodian Hu (undergraduate researcher, 2016-2017)
  • Omar Alqahtani (undergraduate research scholar, 2016-17)
  • Viet Vo (undergraduate research scholar, 2016-17)
  • Anuj Gadiyar (graduate project assistant, 2016-17), FPGA Development.
  • John Brady (MS 2013, PhD 2017), New Transceiver Architectures and Prototypes for Millimeter-Wave MIMO Wireless Communication Systems.
  • Xianglu (Luke) Li, Visiting Scholar, September 2015-Jan 2017.
  • John Hogan (MS, May 2016). Beamspace MIMO Channel Estimation. Machine Learning Architecture Modeling Engineer, Intel, San Francisco, Bay Area.
  • Usman Tayyab (visitor, Feb-July 2016). Channel measurements.
  • Sabareesh Ganapthy (MS student, project assistant, Spring 2016). FPGA development.
  • Peng Cheng (UG student, Spring 2016). Channel measurements and processing.
  • Yifan Zhu (UG visiting student, Fall 2015).
  • Sida Li (UG student, Summer 2015). FPGA development.
  • Wasim Sheikh (MS student, project assistant, Jan 2015-Aug 2015). FPGA development.
  • Justin Cummings (MS student, project assistant, Fall 2014-Summer 2015). Lens array design. Systems Engineer II, Ball Aerospace, Tucson, AZ.
  • Kishore Kumar  (MS student, Fall 2014 independent study).
  • David Virgilio (UG researcher, Summer 2013-Nov 2014). FPGA development.
  • Paul Thomas (project assistant, MS, June 2014). CAP-MIMO prototype RF hardware design.
  • Hua Deng (MS, 2015). User localization using channel signatures. PhD student at Rutgers University.
  • Jon Lima (2014).
  • Gi Hong Song (MS, August 2012).  Beamspace MIMO Transceiver Design. Senior System Engineer, Qualcomm, San Diego.
  • Matt Malloy, (graduate research assistant, 2009-10). Noncoherent Detection in Sparse Multipath. Adjunct Assistant Professor, UW-Madison.
  • Yanpei Liu (MS, 2011). Secret Keys from OFDM Channel Signatures.
  • Tzu-Han Chou (PhD, August 2011),  Thesis: Secret Key Generation From Excited Source and Its Application to Reciprocal Wireless Channel. Senior Staff Engineer, MediaTek, San Diego.
  • Eunmo Kang (PhD, May 2010). Thesis: Narrowband-MIMO and MIMO-OFDM Systems: Exploiting Channel Statistics for Efficient Use of Feedback. Qualcomm.
  • Waheed Bajwa, (PhD, August 2009). Thesis: New Information Processing Theory and Methods for Exploiting Sparsity in Wireless Systems. Associate Professor, Rutgers University.
  • Thiagarajan Sivanadyan, (MS, 2008).  Active Wireless Sensing. Staff Engineer, Qualcomm, Boulder, CO.
  • Dr. Michail Matthaiou, postdoctoral visitor, July-August 2009. MIMO Wireless Systems.  Senior Lecturer at Queen’s University, Belfast.
  • Steven Quick (MS, Aug 2008). Technology Consulting Senior Manager, Accenture, Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, MN
  • Gautham Hariharan, (PhD, December 2007). Thesis: Wireless Communication Over Sparse Multipath Channels. Principal Engineering Manager, Qualcomm, San Francisco, Bay Area.
  • Prof. Chang-Heon Oh, Visiting Scholar, 2006-2007, Korea University of Technology and Education, .
  • Vasanthan Raghavan (PhD, August 2006). Thesis: Spatially Correlated Multi-antenna Wireless Channels: Capacity and Limited Feedback Performance. Staff Engineer, Qualcomm, Bridgewater, NJ.
  • Yan Zhou (PhD, August 2006). Thesis: Optimized Transceiver Design for Multiantenna Wireless Communications. Staff Engineer, Qualcomm, San Diego.
  • Ke Liu (PhD, August 2004). Thesis: Capacity and Coding for Realistic MIMO Channels. (Peterson Award Winner). Patent Counsel, Associate, Qualcomm, San Diego.
  • Jayesh Kotecha, (postdoc 2002-2004). MIMO Channel Estimation; Classification in Sensor Networks. Senior Member of Technical Staff, Freescale Semiconductors, Austin, TX.
  • Ashwin D’Costa (MS, May 2004). Distributed Decision Making in Wireless Sensor Networks. Staff Product Manager, Qualcomm, San Diego.
  • Vinod Ramachandran (MS, May 2004). Distributed Detection in Sensor Networks.  Group Product Manager, Google, San Francisco, Bay Area.
  • Zhihong Hong, postdoc (2002-2003). Space-Time Coding. Research Scientist, Communications Research Center, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Charlie (Jianzhong) Zhang (PhD, May 2003). Thesis: Space-Time Selective Broadcast and Receiver Algorithms for Frequency Selective MIMO Systems. VP at Samsung Research America, Dallas, TX.
  • Karina Carvalho-Bond (MS, May 2002). Time-varying Channel Estimation. Embedded Software Manager, Fixed Robots, Livermore, CA.
  • Thomas Deckert (MS, August 2002). MIMO Channel Modeling. Senior Systems Engineer, National Instruments, Dresden, Germany.
  • Kerry Wong (MS, June 2001). Collaborative Signal Processing in Sensor Networks. Senior Manager, Technical Architect, Duck Creek Technologies, Unionville, CT
  • Kraiyut Tantinarawat (MS, June 2001). Networking protocols for MIMO.
  • Tamer Kadous (PhD, May 2001). Thesis: Multiuser Communication Over Time and Frequency Selective Channels. Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, X-COM Labs, San Diego.
  • Ashwin Ganesan (MS, September 2000). Wireless Transceiver Design.
  • Eko Onggosanusi, (PhD, December 2000). Thesis: Space-Time Signaling Schemes and Receiver Algorithms for Wideband Communication Systems. Director of Standards, Samsung Research America, Dallas, TX.
  • Marc-Antoine Baissas (MS, December 1999). Time-varying Channel Estimation. Independent consultant at MB Strategy and Financial Management, Montpellier, France.
  • Jean-Paul Gallaire (MS, August 1998). Time-Frequency Detectors. Marketing Director Customer Relationship and Services, Orange, Paris, France.
  • S. Bhashyam (MS, August 1997, Rice U.). Time-Selective Signaling. Professor, IIT Madras, India.


Akbar Sayeed

Professor and Principal Investigator


Omar Alqahtani

Undergraduate Research Scholar (2016-17)

John Brady

MS 2013, PhD 2017

Graduate Research Assistant (2010-16)

Peng Cheng

Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate Assistant (Spring 2016)

Anuj Gadiyar

Graduate Project Assistant (2016-17)

Sabareesh Ganapathy

MS student

Graduate Project Assistant (Spring 2016)

Xinyu Gao

PhD student at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Visiting Scholar (2017)

Christopher Hall

MS, December 2018

Engineer, Rincon Research

John Hogan

MS, May 2016

Machine Learning Architecture Modeling Engineer, Intel, San Francisco, Bay Area.

Zuidian (Dian) Hu

BS, December 2017

Undergraduate Researcher (2016-17)

Sida Li

Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate Assistant (Summer 2015)

Xianglu (Luke) Li

Visiting Scholar (Sep 2015-Jan 2017)

Wasim Sheikh

MS Student

Graduate Project Assistant (2016-2017)

Usman Tayyab

Visiting student, Feb 2016 - July 2016

Viet Vo

Undergraduate Research Scholar (2016-17)

Kevin (Yifan) Zhu

MS, May 2018

Tech Research Engineer, Huawei, Shanghai, China.

Yifan (Kevin) Zhu

Visiting undergraduate student (Fall 2015)