“Double Rainbow” Day for Wireless Research

A 28 GHz CAP-MIMO prototype.

July 15, 2016 marked a special day for wireless research and technology development.

A new NSF-led Advanced Wireless Research Initiative was announced in a White House Press Release. NSF also held a special event in Washington, DC to mark this announcement.

This came on the heels of a landmark Spectrum Frontiers announcement by the FCC the day before on opening up new millimeter-wave spectrum for 5G applications.

UW-Madison highlighted this event with the news of four new NSF-funded projects as part of this new initiative; including the development of a new multi-beam MIMO testbed based on our CAP-MIMO technology, and a Research Coordination Network for millimeter-wave research and technology development.

A great day marking a new era for wireless research and technology for 5G and beyond!

(This post is dedicated to Ted Rappaport who aptly hailed the day as a “Double Rainbow” day for wireless at the Washington, DC event.)