A New Exciting Era for Wireless Research and Technology

7th mmW RCN Workshop
(Postponed May 18-19, 2020, Columbia, SC)

Since its inception in 1997, the Wireless Communication and Sensing Laboratory has been at the leading edge of research and development of new wireless technologies for communication and sensing applications. 

The research and development in our lab spans signal processing, communication and information theory, MIMO wireless systems, wireless channel modeling, multipath wave propagation, time-frequency analysis, optimization, machine learning, and high-dimensional antenna array design. In recent years, the scope of our work has expanded beyond basic theory and techniques to include prototype development, experimentation and technology transfer.

A focus of current research is the development of basic theory and system architectures for emerging wireless technologies and applications at centimeter-wave and millimeter-wave frequencies (10-100GHz) that are the focus of intense current interest for 5G wireless and beyond. In particular, our group has pioneered a hybrid analog-digital (CAP-MIMO) architecture for multi-beam millimeter-wave MIMO that enables performance-complexity optimization and offers a promising pathway for technology development.

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